Strong Node.js developer

Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine, 49000

Job Type

Node.js developer

About the Project

There is a custom developed platform for managing all aspects of operations at and around a school. Including the virtual interaction between children, teachers, parents, as well as managing tuition. 

The platform utilizes:

  • Node.js, 

  • React.js, 

  • GraphQL, 

  • GoLang, 

  • MySQL & Postgres, 

  • Elastic Search, 

  • AWS AppSync, 

  • AWS Dynamodb, 

  • AWS Cognito, 

  • AWS S3, 

  • AWS Cloudformation with Serverless. 

Additionally, it has implemented a one of a kind live video streaming service that tracks children around the schools from room to room. This system has multiple patents pending. 

As the project continues to grow the team is looking to add Machine Learning assisted Facial Recognition known as “Machine Vision”. As well as, IOT enabled devices to further track the location of Children and Teachers, and provide autonomous security to the facility as parents come and go. 

Eventually all of this data will also be harvested to create intelligent business analytics to drive the cost of operations at the school down. 

The platform includes: 

  • Classroom Management Application, used by teachers (iOS Tablet) 

  • School Management Application, used by school administrators (Web/React.js) 

  • Parent Reports / Live Video, used by parents in multiple countries (iOS & Android) 

  • Video Streaming System (GoLang, AWS) 

  • Tuition Management System (Web/React.js)


We are looking for an experienced Node.js developer to join and empower our team at Menklab.

Must have: 

  • At least 2 years of commercial experience with JavaScript and Node.js. 

  • At least upper-intermediate level of English 

  • Experience with TypeScript, AWS, NoSQL 

Nice To Have:

  •   Experience with microservices or serverless architectures 

  •  Experience in writing API and unit tests

About the Role

  • Work closely with the US based Owners, Designers, and Managers. 

  • Upgrades to Video Streaming System, including research and development for the “Machine Vision” platform. 

  • Implementation of Machine Learning engine including the use of data pulled from event based analytics within the classroom, IOT devices, and Machine Vision. 

  • Develop an Learning Management System (LMS) in conjunction with integrated Curriculum Management. 

  • Updates and improved financial reporting for the Tuition Management System. 

  • IOT Base security checkpoints, including locking and unlocking of doors for Parents, Children, and Teachers, using NFC on smart devices and or RFID bracelet. 

  • Payroll and employee management system. 

  • Partial Migration from NoSQL into Progress enabling application to have a hybrid data model of SQL & NoSQL. 

  • Build a social media style feedback system for the teachers, schools, and parents.

What`s in it for you

  • Competitive Salary 

  • International Team 

  • Continuous collaboration with a strong technical team in USA (US Office) 

  • Work and Learn From Solution Architects. 

  • Build new technologies in the latest technologies. 

  • Build out a product that is live and in the market, delivering value to thousands of existing users.