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Our Approach

Our twin sourcing model delivers capacity, comprehensive skills and valuable solutions.

Set Up

From product strategy and design to implementation and maintaining services, we make solutions that grow your business and foster the innovative capabilities of your customers. The twin sourcing model allows simultaneous learning from both Menklab Ukraine and Menklab USA that then gets initiated company-wide making our ongoing growth that much more productive.

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We provide our clients with these six services to help them build innovative, individualized products

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System Integrations

Quality assurance

We deliver system integrations from simple to complex. We can help get your architecture aligned with your ecommerce portal, CRM, accounting systems, inventory or other business critical systems, so everyone can see and work at their peak.

Software testing and quality assurance approach based on final product functions and best testing practices.

Using our experience in B2B and B2C sectors along with our technological approach you will be prepared apart from today's market dynamic and can minimize or prevent disruption in your business. 

Business Strategy

We implement development best practices along with rigorous testing. We know how important functionality and usability, and our teams work to ensure good quality products that help you to outdo your competition.


We build high-performance applications that solve everyday users' problems. Our approach - for performance-centric applications it's always best to use native libraries.

Mobile development


While modern applications can be simple to use, behind the scenes there are many processes and services that can require attention. Menklab teams help you find and fix problems fast and have the maintenance programs to avoid downtime.

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Innovation opens new doors for business. As a custom software development company, we have widely adaptable technologies in our kit of programming languages, frameworks, project tools, and approaches that promote a vast variety of projects and challenges.

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Our Processes

We believe that customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of a sustainable software services business. Constant improvement of our services is a key point of the company strategy.
We believe that innovation is about speed. Agile approach, mixed with PMI practices used by our teams allows your business to meet market and consumer demands, validate ideas, propositions and MVP, and bring software solutions quickly and efficiently. 

About every stage: 

1. Planning: 

Business environments analysis, project kick-off.


2. Analysis: 

Business  requirements, Architecture vision, technical solution creation.


3. Design: 

Moodboard, UI Concept, UI/UX Workflows


4. Implementation: 

Initial project setup, Coding, Technical review.


5. Testing & Integration:  

Test strategy, Functional testing, Testing result report


6. Maintenance: 

Technical support and Maintenance



Topnotch integrations of  teams and processes help to minimize downtime and speed execution. You are the experts in your business, and our experts will adapt to the processes that work best with your business style to create a seamless, efficient partnership experience.


We value long term collaboration and transparency with our clients. Our tools and approaches for teamwork ensure that our engagements deliver extraordinary value to our customers and all of our stakeholders.

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