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Always Connected.

Nurture: Business Strategy, Mobile App, Online Payments, Live Video.



We were tired of the disconnected, unaccountable, and foggy approach to building technology.

So we set out to change it, our team values open-communication, flexibility, and quality.


Services &


We build our team around the technologies perfect for you. One size doesn't fit all.

  • User Experience research, design, and prototypes

  • Custom, efficient, and scalable cloud software for your specific needs

  • eCommerce Web Development (Reactive & Adaptive)

  • Cost-effective drag-and-drop like Wordpress or Wix

  • iOS Development / Android Development

  • Informative & Social Media Marketing, SEO

  • Dashboarding, Interactive Reporting, and Big Data Insights

  • Long term partnerships / startup accelerator



Looking for a different technology solution for your project?

At Menklab we build outstanding web, mobile, and software applications to facilitate start-up success and modernization within growing companies.


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